Friday, June 18, 2010

Daughters Can Be...........................................

So Brianna is 10 and she is trying to learn herself and she is all kinds of into her looks, so today started out kinda iffy.
First off I took them to Kmart because I had to pick up some things, so when we were there I said you guys want to get anything.......................WHY did I say that? So Brianna and Charleigh start to look and Brianna wants to get a Maxi dress, well they don't make those for 10 year old so she was looking in the juniors and they were all to long, she then let me know that she wanted to go to the mall because her BFF Carlena has one from a store called Justice. Well I am like WTF since when do you need to go to the mall. Anyway this went on and on, and then I said FINE you can earn some money save it and then we will go to the mall, that was that, so then her frown turned upside down and her and Charleigh both pick out something and we continued on the day, had lunch went to the grocery store, yada yada!
So we are home and after dinner I say to her you need to go and take a shower, so she goes in and then after a while comes out of the shower and she says MOM and I am thinking ohmigoodness she got her period! YIKES! SO I am really scared, so I am like uh.............yeah? So I look up and to my HORROR she had shaved off her damn eyebrows :( LOL! LOL! LOL! I could not help it she looks like a mad man with them all crazy, she cried I laughed and said sorry at the same time, but I swear if you could have seen her face :O So now she is little miss no brow, I told her they would grow back and so now we are doing hats, and bangs;) SO I also said to her, after some insite from my friend Nikki, why did you continue to shave the other one once you saw the mess??? She said, I was not going to look like a freak! LOL !!